Code Snippets

Code Snippets

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Animate on Hover

Remember these icon effects from the front page? Hover over the icon block to the right for a reminder. These are linked to the code so that you can use this effect yourself. In the downloadable code I've used fontawesome icons - these ones are et-font icons - in case you were wondering.

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Animated Icons

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 Inspired by genius - driven by passion

Image Hover Overlay


Image Hover Overlay

Image Hover Overlay

This is the effect I used on the themes page. It is a simple overlay effect created using HTML and CSS that unhides a 'div' when hovering over the content. You can add anything to the hidden 'div', within reason, and bearing in mind the constraints of the size of 'div' itself - simple yet quite effective don't you think?

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The End of the page

There won't be anymore.

That was a ton of code - things google gave me along the way.
Yep - I searched for the functionality I wanted - worked for me!
Let me know if you have questions.
The End!

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